Our Workforce


Debbie has been in the mortgage business since 1997. She is not only a mortgage lender but has licenses in insurance and financial planning and helps clients with their overall money needs. She has a financial planning radio show “Money Strategies with Debbie” since 2008 and helps clients weekly with their money issues. She also does podcasting at Dollar Diva Debbie weekly and downloads are free on itunes and spotify. Please find out more about her at www. Moneystrategieswithdebbie.com. Debbie has two kids in college Preston - TCU and Price at Ole Miss!

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CARMEN Vice President of Marketing

Carmen is married to her high school Sweetheart Stacy, and together they have four excellent children ages 16-22, plus a few fur babies. She enjoys creating content and the social side of marketing. In her free hours, she is also a Word Nerd and LIFE Coach for women and families.

ZANE Loan Officer

I an not new to customer service although I am new to the loan officer world. I have a promise – to give clients the best experience in the homebuying experience by always communicating with them about their loans and what is needed. .


STAN Loan Officer

Stan Rodgers has been in mortgage lending most of his adult life. He retired as a loan officer and compliance officer last year and returned to his first job - Law enforcement as a Sheriff in Madisonville Texas. He missed the business and started back with Debbie last year and continues to help everyone with getting the best rates possible on their mortgage. Stan has a focus on helping law enforcement and first responders with the mortgage process.

Madison and Harrison

Josi, Savannah,
Madison, and Harrison

Josi Fredstrup has been in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 17 years. As a realtor from 2003-2009, Josi learned the art of negotiation, as well as the ins and outs of the real estate industry. In 2009, after the meltdown of the housing market, Josi moved to the mortgage market, to help make sure that buyers were getting loans that worked for them, that they could afford and so that she knew the borrowers she worked with, were educated in the mortgage process. While in the mortgage industry, Josi has working in the following positions: Loan processor, Processing team manager, Underwriting Trainer, Sales manager, Wholesale account executive, and as a loan officer. For the past two and a half years, Josi and her team (Savannah, Madison and Harrison) have been supporting brokers and borrowers around the nation, in helping make their mortgage process for buying and/or refinancing, as stress free and seamless as possible.